Peter - Home Office Careers

Hi, my name is Peter and I’ve completed my Level 3 Operational Delivery Apprenticeship with the Home Office.

At 19, I was working part-time as a retail assistant while at college. Within 6 months of leaving college, I applied for a role with the Home Office.  After a successful interview I joined in March 2014 and have worked for HM Passport Office ever since.

I first joined the Home Office as an Administrative Assistant in the Passport Office team. There was a job opportunity for promotion in my team via the apprenticeship, and I decided to go for it. I didn’t know what to expect when I started the apprenticeship. I found the study and work balance a bit challenging in the beginning as I was learning a new job role on top of the apprenticeship. As I settled in, I achieved a good balance between both.

I felt supported by my line manager and team during the apprenticeship. They helped me with various tasks along the way including putting some ideas forward for my portfolio. I met new people within the apprenticeship sphere and worked alongside a fellow apprentice in my department. It was rewarding to receive a formal qualification at the end of my apprenticeship too.

After I completed my apprenticeship in November 2020, I was asked if I was interested in mentoring four new apprentices. They went on to finish their apprenticeships at the end of 2022, some gaining the distinction grade in the process.

My current role involves passport examination and assisting with urgent face-to-face passport appointments. What I enjoy most is being able to talk to customers face-to-face as well as over the telephone. It gives a bit more of a personal aspect to the job.

For anyone considering an apprenticeship with the Home Office, I’d say definitely go for it! It’s a good opportunity to get your ‘foot in the door’ while also learning about the wider Civil Service. It’s a great working environment with plenty of opportunities to progress your career.