Frontline and Operational - Home Office Careers

There are approximately 25,000 members in the Operational Delivery profession across the whole of the Home Office. They deal directly with the public or support others who do – carrying out vital work to deliver services of the highest quality, every day.

This includes:

What you could be doing

The Operational Delivery team is divided into six skills families, and you’d be working in one of these areas:

  • Case Ownership: Working collaboratively to consider applications, make fair decisions and progress cases. For example, an HMPO Passport Examiner or a UKVI Caseworker.
  • Help & Advice: Helping people understand and navigate our services, ensuring they receive the right outcome at the right time. For example, working in a Home Office contact centre.
  • Leadership & Management: Delivering the Home Office’s vision and developing our people to have the right skills to deliver excellent customer service. For example, a line manager in an operational team.
  • Operational Design & Support: Ensuring our colleagues have what they require to do their jobs, promoting standards and making sure our products and services meet customers’ needs. For example, a Business Support Manager.
  • Safety & Enforcement: Ensuring public safety, tackling criminal activity, carrying out interventions and applying sanctions on people and organisations that break the rules or put the public at risk. For example, a Border Force Officer or an Immigration Enforcement Officer.
  • Validation & Compliance: Verifying whether people are credible against a legal standard, ensuring they comply with the rules and receive only services they’re entitled to. For example, an HMPO Interview Officer.

The benefits of working in an Operational Delivery role at the Home Office

We support everyone in their development, at any stage in their career, and offer a range of tools and support for continued professional development. This includes a career framework with information to help you make career choices across government. Plus information on internationally recognised qualifications, starting at level 2 (equivalent of GCSE) up to level 7 (Masters’ degree equivalent), apprenticeships, talent schemes and networking opportunities through events and social media. This helps us celebrate success and share best practice with Operational Delivery Professionals across the wider Civil Service.