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Our locations

The Home Office is an organisation of around 35,000 staff. We have civil servants working across all four nations of the UK and overseas, and we’re a major employer in many towns and cities.

More than half of our workforce is already based outside London and the South East, but we’re committed to further improving representation of the communities we serve. As such, we’re working to provide more development and promotion opportunities for those outside London and the South East, and across a wider range of professions.

In May 2021, we announced our intention to expand our regional presence by at least 1,950 roles, including 80 Senior Civil Service roles, by 2025. We are increasing our presence in smaller cities and large towns including Stoke-on-Trent, Peterborough, Salford, Sheffield and Solihull. We are also increasing staff numbers in metropolitan locations and sites in the devolved administrations, including Sheffield, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh.

We’re now in the process of establishing a new hub in Stoke-on-Trent, which will accommodate a multidisciplinary case-working function and a national asylum customer communications hub. The Stoke hub will accommodate more than 500 roles in total, bringing a range of different functions and jobs to the city. This project will also provide a pipeline of exciting career paths for the local community, with an apprentice-first policy for hiring at junior grades.

Where would you work if you joined us?

It depends on your role. The Home Office encourages flexible working wherever possible – this includes part-time working, compressed hours, remote working, job sharing and part-year working.

Where business needs allow, some roles may be suitable for a combination of office and home-based working.  This is a non-contractual arrangement where employees will be expected to spend a minimum of 60% of their working time in the office.  Applicants can request further information regarding how this may work in their team from the Vacancy Holder (see advert for contact details).

Applicants can always discuss working arrangements with their hiring manager if they have specific questions.

What jobs are available at your location?

You can search for current Home Office vacancies by location.