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Policy professionals play a central role in helping the Home Office build a safe, just and prosperous UK. They design, develop and deliver the plans and activities that achieve the specific objectives set by government ministers.

In the Home Office, this work contributes to maintaining homeland security, ensuring public safety and effectively managing migration and borders. Policy work can often be high-profile and impactful, affecting the everyday lives of millions of citizens.

As a policy professional, you may work closely with ministers, colleagues such as analysts to develop evidence-based plans, or with communications and marketing specialists to deliver focused campaigns. You may also work with lawyers to provide recommendations on complicated decisions with a legal dimension, or with digital specialists to develop new services for the public. The Home Office works closely with a wide range of partners across government and outside it too – including the police and fire and rescue services. As a policy professional, you may work with those bodies too.

As a knowledgeable and skilled policy professional, you’ll understand the context and background of your policy area and know how to translate objectives and priorities into delivery. Policy work can be varied, fast-paced and intellectually stimulating, but there’s no single type of person that is best suited to the role. Different perspectives can help deliver better plans, and there’s always room for creativity and judgement alongside evidence and rigour.

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What you could be doing

  • Policy: You could be working on a huge range of interesting policy areas. This includes ensuring the UK’s prepared for cyber security attacks from hostile states, creating visa routes for highly skilled migrants to help boost the UK economy or working with policing partners to increase police numbers.
  • Private Office: You could be directly supporting ministers by commissioning and providing briefings and advice, representing them at meetings and ensuring the delivery of different activities and priorities.
  • Parliamentary team: As a parliamentary expert, you could be helping to plan government business in parliament. You could also be briefing ministers and officials on particular topics or engagements, and co-ordinating responses to parliamentary questions and other requests for information.
  • Corporate Strategy & Performance: You could be producing and managing strategies and tracking performance to ensure delivery of government objectives.
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The benefits of working in Policy at the Home Office

Policy professionals joining the Home Office will benefit from working on projects and priorities offering huge impact, and will have the opportunity to develop impressive experience. You’ll build your CV, skills and career while knowing your work really matters.

Policy professionals in the Home Office benefit from the wide variety of training available to all civil servants. We also offer a number of targeted development activities, including a dedicated ‘policy’ development programme and monthly policy essentials sessions. Plus regular lunchtime speaker sessions from academics and external institutions.

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