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A role in Intelligence is one of the most exciting in the Home Office. In an Intelligence role you could be tackling illegal migration overseas, working alongside human intelligence sources or providing tactical analysis to counter emerging threats to the UK. There are also opportunities to collaborate with a network of intelligence professionals across the Civil Service and Law Enforcement.

There are two job families In the Home Office Intelligence Profession:

  • Intelligence Collection, Development and Targeting
    These teams receive and triage information and intelligence relating to abuse of the immigration system, border security or criminality from many sources. They develop intelligence on subjects involved in crime, either on an individual or organised basis.
  • Intelligence Analysis
    These teams analyse known information to provide inferences, conclusions, and assessments on the probability of future events. Researchers and Analysts also deliver a variety of intelligence products to decision makers.

All our Intelligence teams consider the most appropriate response to the information they use. This may be during a frontline intervention, criminal investigation or sharing with partners across Intelligence and Law Enforcement.

Immigration Officer adjusts his earpiece

What you could be doing

The Intelligence Profession includes a number of roles for you to consider depending on your skills and experience, although you don’t necessarily have to have worked in a particular role to join. The roles include

  • Intelligence Officer – developing and evaluating intelligence, assessing the threat, risk, harm, vulnerabilities, and opportunities which exist as well as identifying potential gaps.
  • Intelligence Analyst – identifying and engaging with key stakeholders across different organisations to improve the understanding of issues and add further dimensions to exiting analysis.
  • Higher Intelligence Analyst – providing expertise through the development and use of analytical products to help decision-making at strategic, tactical, and operational levels.
  • Intelligence Manager – supervising a teams of intelligence practitioners to gather, develop and disseminate intelligence in support of crime investigations.
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The benefits of working in an intelligence role at the Home Office

We value the learning and development of our people, which is why we provide all staff with a comprehensive curriculum of training to allow them to gain the knowledge and skills at each stage of their career journey.  This is supported by a career framework that helps Intelligence practitioners to define skills, experience and standards required for each role. The framework supports staff to identify their career path and provide information for a range of developmental opportunities.

In addition, all our staff access a nationally recognised accreditation, called the Intelligence Professionalisation Programme (IPP). IPP is a measure of occupational competence and will provide you with skills you need to further your career in Intelligence.

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