Matthew - Home Office Careers

Hi, my name is Matthew, and I’m an Administrative Officer in the Customer Services team at the Home Office.  

I joined the workflow team 4 years ago years having done some internships with businesses where my main duties revolved around marketing and comms. Prior to university, I had done some volunteer work including for the National Citizen Service Programme during summer 2012. All this experience gave me a real passion and interest in topical issues affecting people’s lives in the UK.   

Every day is different on the Workflow team. One day I can be working on ‘Inbox Management’ and another day working on ‘Address Issues’ where we contact the customer to determine which address, they would like their documents sending back. The next day, I could be working on one of our other workstreams ‘Update my Details’ where the customer has sent in their documents asking for their details to be updated. 

One of the great benefits I have found from working for the Home Office is progression in terms of job role and responsibilities. Everyone is supportive of each other and helps as and when is needed, which is great. I’ve also found my passions and special interests have been encouraged and nurtured, for example helping to raise awareness of well-being and mental health has brought out a part of my personality I was shy to show earlier in my career. 

I have also been able to be an active part in many different networks within the Home Office including the Autism and Neurodiversity Network, for which I am a champion, and the ‘Giving Back Network’, which helps promote volunteering within the Civil Service. There are so many different networks and workstreams both internally and externally members of staff can get involve in. 

I would definitely recommend a career in the Home Office if you were looking for a role where you can grow in confidence and help others.