Abbie - Home Office Careers

I only recently joined the Home Office after graduating from university. I currently work in the Change of Address Team, which is part of the Customer Correspondence Hub.

My day-to-day work involves assessing Change of Address requests from customers, ensuring the documents they have sent meet all the requirements for their application to be processed. Where this is not the case, I will go back to them for more information.

The work is fast paced, which is something I really like as I enjoy a challenge and it also gives me the motivation to do as many as possible!

What I enjoy the most about the Home Office is how welcoming everyone has been since I started. If I ever have any questions, I’ll never be afraid to ask. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve also seen lots of opportunities to develop my career as a civil servant within the Home Office. 

Within my team, our hours are flexible, meaning we can choose what time to begin working. I like to be up bright and early so work from 7am-3pm, which gives me the rest of the evening to play sport and maintain my social life. Another benefit of working at the Home Office is how much management listen and care about your well-being. Me and my colleagues have monthly ‘1-2-1 meetings’ with our manager. This allows us to discuss any queries we have and raise anything we’re worried about.

If you’re considering a job as a civil servant within the Home Office, I would say go for it. Whether, like me, you are starting your working career, or you are looking for a career change, you will find the work is incredibly interesting and there are plenty of opportunities to develop.