Kal - Home Office Careers

I joined the team as a Criminal Investigator in February 2021. I had been looking for somewhere to progress my career in law enforcement, having previously been a Police Constable for several years. I came here because I am passionate about tackling the causes of issues in our neighbourhoods and cities, and it looked like a good place to complete my Professionalising Investigations Programme Level 2 (PIP2). After doing some research and speaking with the team, CFI looked like a good fit, and I have felt valued and looked after since my move here.

My day-to-day work really does vary. As the officer in the case (OIC) of an investigation I’ll pick up a piece of intelligence or a report and work it all the way through the investigative process – running background checks to locate people key to the investigation, gather further evidence, interview witnesses and victims. I’m also part of the operational phase where I will make arrests, interview suspects, prepare a case file and consult with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

In my role you get to deal with a job from beginning to end which is really fulfilling. At other times you might be deployed to assist the police, national crime agency, other areas of the Home Office as well as a long list of partner agencies.

The job is good mix of activities depending on the needs of the investigation and although it is a cliché, no two days in CFI are the same. I also enjoy a great deal of trust and autonomy in my role.

The role is reasonably flexible. I can adapt my schedule to my home life; I have a young family so this is a real bonus. I also really value the annual leave entitlement and the ability to take it when I want to.

What I appreciate most is the team I work with. I work with people with a wealth of experience, some Home Office grown and others from police or military backgrounds. Being part of the Home Office means we have access to resources and specialist capabilities too.