Bukky - Home Office Careers

I joined the Home Office last year, taking up a role in the Asylum Legacy Casework team. It’s been a very exciting and encouraging experience for me. Dealing with cases is interesting as no case is the same.

I always think of the ‘face behind the case’. I imagine the customer to be one of my family and ensure I give them the same level of service and commitment I’d expect for them too.

Our customers often have different needs from me. Language barriers can be an issue, so I try to look for all the dots to connect when dealing with customer cases.

I work with a great team and have enjoyed learning from the cases I’ve worked on.

There are many opportunities to develop and grow your career within Asylum Legacy Casework. For example, I’ve been given the chance to deputise as a team leader.

It’s very rewarding when I help customers or solve a case in a day. I’m happy to go above and beyond to get the right result.