Ashia - Home Office Careers

Having worked in investigating fraud in the banking industry for many years, I decided to embark on a new career path in pursuit of a fresh challenge. My search led me to the world of enforcement, and I became an Immigration Officer at the NCCU in March 2019.

I’m proud to say that I’m part of a team of highly skilled officers who work hard to tackle immigration offenders and organised crime whilst also protecting vulnerable people.

Whilst the vast majority of enquiries are straight forward, we’ll sometimes handle sensitive enquires that require extensive immigration knowledge and skills to complete. I enjoy the challenge of putting the pieces together in tricky cases and working with other departments.

Aside from my day-to-day duties working with UK Police forces, I’m also actively involved in multiple project areas such as being a ‘floorwalker’, helping colleagues adapt to new systems, and I recently took a leading role in the wellbeing initiative. I enjoy being involved in project areas which offers a change from my daily duties and a chance to develop within the unit.

If you’re looking for a challenge, opportunities to develop yourself and a career in enforcement, this is a great unit to be a part of and an excellent stepping stone into the Civil Service.