Yassir - Home Office Careers

I came to the UK in 2010 and the fair and respectable way I was treated by the Home Office made me want to join the department. I can still remember that warm welcoming smile on the first Border Force Officer I met when I arrived at Heathrow and wanted to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with staff like this, serving the public and protecting the nation.

I worked in the security industry for many years and was proud to join the Home Office in 2019 via a national recruitment campaign, like the one that is currently running.

I am always happy to be at work as I am surrounded by colleagues and managers who are doing their best to deliver for the public and stretch themselves to accomplish more and more. I really enjoy working with my team – particularly the way we interact with each other and stakeholders. Every day is a new adventure on my learning journey, and I really cherish the support and inspiration I receive every day from my colleagues and managers. I cannot wait to go to work every day.

Joining the Home Office was life-changing for me, and it could be for you too. By joining the department, it really feels like you are investing in yourself and that, for me, is a win-win situation.