Tom - Home Office Careers

After completing my master’s degree, I wanted to find a job in which I would be part of an organisation whose purpose I believed in. I also wanted a job which was not too specialised and in which there would be opportunities for development. For these reasons I began considering Civil Service jobs. I was drawn especially to the Home Office after seeing a job advert for the role of Decision Maker in Asylum. I wasn’t successful applying for this role, but one thing led to another and after couple of months I began working as a Passport Examiner. I have now been here for four and a half months.

I currently work from home and my hours are flexible. My role predominantly consists in looking at people’s passport applications, analysing their details and any related documents. I work in a team of about 10 examiners with whom I speak every day. We have a very active Teams group chat and help each other when we come across difficult or unusual cases.

I particularly enjoy the international side of things – constantly being exposed to foreign place names, policies, documents and customs and learning about all of these. I also value fact that I am able to use my initiative to investigate and find solutions to issues when they arise.

For me, there are two main benefits about working for the Home Office. First, the bigger picture – the knowledge that you’re contributing to an organisation that is crucial for the running of the country and also directly improves peoples’ lives every day. Second, the range of career opportunities. I have also really appreciated the ability to work flexible full-time hours and the opportunities and incentives to work overtime.

I’ve only been here a short time, but everyone I have spoken to has been extremely helpful and encouraging of my ambitions. People seem to be satisfied in their roles and actually believe strongly that what they do is meaningful. I’ve never worked anywhere with even a fraction of the positive sentiment towards the job/employer as I’ve experienced here.