Sandra - Home Office Careers

I have worked since the age of 14 either in retail or admin, but all my work has been customer focused as that is what I enjoy the most. I had worked for the Prison Service between 2000 and 2010 but returned to the Home Office as a Passport Examiner in 2019.

It’s difficult to describe my day-to-day work as no two days are the same. The variety of work is very interesting; one day you can be dealing with first time applications and the next you can be processing urgent renewals for compassionate reasons. It’s a good feeling to know that you are helping people and at the same time protecting the country from those who would take advantage of the system for illegal gain.

What I really like about the Home Office are the opportunities to work within different areas of the department. For example, during lockdown I was seconded to UKVI Accommodation Reconciliation Team which broadened my understanding of how we accept people from other countries and how we house new immigrants before they start their long journey to becoming British Citizens.

If you were thinking about a career in the Home Office, I would say ‘Go for it.’ You will not regret it. The Home Office is a great equal opportunity employer, and you will be treated like an individual. Their attention to detail with people with disabilities is second to none. I have been treated with dignity and respect from my interview date to now. Also being older does not stop you as they respect the knowledge that you can bring and utilise it in ways we normally wouldn’t think of.