Rheanna - Home Office Careers

I joined the Home Office just over 2 years ago but have been in the Civil Service for 7 years. I moved because I am a people person so was keen to really develop myself in the HR function. I also saw all the exciting projects that were coming up in the Home Office and was impressed with their Diversity and Inclusion ethos.

I support apprentices and line managers, ensuring they get the best experience with the apprenticeship journey. I can have check-in calls with my apprentices, facilitate learning sessions, attend senior management meetings and contribute to team discussions. Some days can be very busy, but I enjoy not always knowing what comes next and being empowered to manage my work.

My team are very supportive, and I know I can rely on them if needed. I also enjoy being an expert in my area and giving advice to people about how apprenticeships work. One day I can be speaking at a virtual conference with 200+ people telling them all about the great programmes we offer, and the next I could be making TikTok videos about Home Office Apprenticeships!

I worked for several years in Hotel and Event Management, but when I started a family, it dawned on me that working irregular hours and weekends wasn’t what I wanted. So, I looked at roles where I could build on my existing skills. The Civil Service offered local work so I could manage the school runs without worrying about trains and long commutes, as well as allowing me to progress my career but also having a good work/life balance. There is also flexible working, which means I don’t have to miss Sports Days, Christmas plays and Parent/Teacher conferences.

To me the Home Office is more than just another Government department because it offers opportunities to people from different social backgrounds. Don’t be put off if you think you won’t ‘fit in’; I never thought I’d be a Civil Servant, yet here I am and enjoying every moment of it!