Patrick (DDaT) - Home Office Careers

I joined the Home Office in June 2017. The first thing that got my interest was the prestige of working for the department. I’d previously always worked in the private sector and felt something was missing in terms of how fulfilled I felt. I was intrigued to see whether working for the Civil Service would provide that missing something.

I currently lead the IT Operations function for the department. My work is incredibly varied – always busy, often very challenging and also highly stimulating. The scale and complexity of the department is about as big and challenging as it gets, and the business areas are both varied and fascinating. I also love working with so many people who are really engaged with and genuinely care about the work they do.

There are lots of benefits of being in the Home Office but for me, probably the two things I enjoy most is how interesting an environment it is to work in and how much opportunity there is for learning and professional development.

When I joined the Home Office it was in response to a recruiter reaching out to me. It’s been such a positive move for me, so very glad they did! So, if you were considering a career in the Home Office I would say “Give it a go”. Wherever the move takes you, you’ll be better off for the experience!