IT Operations - Home Office Careers

The IT Operations cluster provides critical service support for vital national infrastructure and Home Office services.

Our objective is to monitor and control IT services and infrastructure with the priority of sustaining live services. We also support the onboarding of new and existing services.

Our teams manage the IT Operations Centre which is focused on the 24/7 monitoring and management of critical live services. IT Operations also includes Service Architecture & Design and Service Transition teams, who are responsible for producing comprehensive and forward-looking service designs, as well as managing the structured and safe transition of projects into live service. The IT Operations cluster is comprised of circa 450 members.

Two members of Home Office staff

What you could be doing

There are twenty different IT Operations roles, and they are split into three job families:

Plan, Engage and Improve

This includes Service Management, Demand Management and Information Security Management. An example role is managing the delivery of information and communications technology (ICT) services.

Design and Transition

This includes Change and Release Management, Service Architecture, Service Asset and Configuration Management. An example role is managing the changes arising from an incident or urgent requirement into the production environment.

Delivery and Support

This includes Incident Management, Service Desk Management and Problem Management. An example role is providing support on unplanned disruptions to individuals, operations, services, or functions.

Member of Home Office staff

The benefits of working in IT Operations Cluster in the Home Office

As well as the benefits generally available to Home Office staff and members of the Digital, Data and Technology Profession, there are number of benefits specific to working in the IT Operations cluster.

You will have access to a dedicated Career Framework housing a Training Catalogue tailored to your role and learning style. Career Paths, established Role Definitions and a Skills and Competency Model all aim to supporting you through your journey and career within DDaT.

Our teams hold regular engagement and knowledge sharing events to bring the whole community together. We hold events such as drop-in sessions, all staff engagement, and Serving Up Knowledge for Continuous Professional Development.

You will get the full support of your line manager and our Continuous Professional Development lead in completing IT Operations fundamental foundation courses such as ITIL 4, SIAM and Agile. These will help you build your knowledge.

You will also receive on the job learning and support via your local team as well as networking and shadowing opportunities with the wider Operations Community.

Day to day, you will have access to a wide array of information and support via our website including: Reward and Recognition and support with Recruitment & Retention Allowances (RRA), Buddy Services, Wellbeing and Inclusion support and guidance, The Community Hub (housing the latest trending information across the department), as well as support with recruitment as both an interviewee and interviewer. You will also have the opportunity to join many of our voluntary services, for example representing your team and having your say at our local People Working Groups.

By joining the IT Operations Cluster, you will be collaborating across multi-disciplinary teams in the DDaT Profession and be a part of upholding great behaviours to support delivery, in an open community that its members are proud to work in.

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