Natalia - Home Office Careers

My previous role was in the private sector, where I also worked on data and analytics projects for one of the UK’s main media/broadcasting companies. I loved the work and was lucky to meet many fantastic, talented, and driven people. In that time, we implemented some cutting-edge technology projects (including real time decisioning), however, I always wanted to combine digital delivery with my political science background (my two master’s degrees in politics were calling) and the Home Office was the perfect place to do just that.

Since joining the Home Office, I have been amazed by the engagement and tenacity of our policing and policy colleagues to deliver the best outcomes that will help improve the day-to-day policing. Every day is different in tech/data delivery, with an ever-changing landscape. So, if you are proactive, like to actively listen and solve problems and build/drive large scale teams through to success, this role is for you!

The thing I enjoy most about the role is the breath of work (and the added value of improved tech and data to data driven decision making) and the people. The passion for public safety and service is visible and it is extremely motivating to know you have played your part in helping police forces deal with the challenges they face on a daily basis.

There are also other perks – the drive for continuous learning and development is key for me, making sure I can grow as a leader and delivery professional. There are several different courses, certifications, and leadership programmes to choose from. You can also be mentored by senior leadership and shadow their work to help you see the bigger picture and be close to the top decision makers.

If you are passionate about data and technology, about driving added value for critical services and you want to enable others to do their jobs as well as possible, I would encourage you to apply!