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Technology Delivery Managers oversee the projects providing digital solutions to some of the Home Office’s highest priorities. They help the department realise its ambitions to transform the delivery of public services through technology.

Technology Delivery Managers work in product-focused teams to deliver end-to end services and to support those using them. This way of working enables flexibility, creativity, and a team ethos, working to deliver shared outcomes that improve services impacting the lives of millions of people.

We expect our Technology Delivery Managers to have knowledge in project, relationship, commercial and financial management, as well as experience in managing risks, quality processes, continuous improvement and governance. Across the Home Office, we have a huge amount of technical delivery experience from people with different backgrounds who are experts in many delivery methodologies. We provide ways of working and key principles for them to use, but we rely on their knowledge and experience to get the best out of their teams to keep projects on track.

There are two roles in the Technology Delivery Management community:

Technology Delivery Manager

Working closely with a product manager you will have responsibility for a single multi-disciplinary delivery team working to deliver a product within agreed timescales, to budget and of the required quality. You will use your experience to make decisions on the appropriate delivery methodology. You will lead your team and also liaise with a variety of stakeholders, often translating technical concepts into non-technical language.

Technology Outcome Delivery Manager

Your focus will be managing coordination across multiple technical delivery teams to deliver a product or service for the business. You will have to manage risks and dependencies across technical and business areas and keep key stakeholders informed of progress. You will also be responsible for making sure cross-cutting governance mechanisms are in place, facilitating decisions and removing blockers to ensure successful delivery.

Member of Home Office staff

What you could be doing

  • Leading a team of people keeping networks running that enable the department to safely and accurately collect information from those seeking Asylum in the UK
  • Working in a multi-disciplinary team delivering low/no code automation business products using a range of cutting-edge automation platforms
  • Using evidence and data to develop recommendations on innovative technology solutions to process problems relating to critical government policies
  • Delivering business changes to roll out the most up-to-date technology within our airports, so legitimate travellers entering the country can do so with ease and efficiency
  • Delivering the capability to track people smugglers and helping protect the most vulnerable in our society
  • Being part of the team delivering innovative technical changes to our critical business systems supporting Visas and Immigration, Homeland Security and Border Force operations.
  • Working on creating a unified, cloud-based system which will provide a joined-up view of law enforcement records and intelligence.
Member of Home Office staff

The benefits of working in the Technology Delivery Management Community in the Home Office

As well as the opportunity to lead and deliver technology projects at scale and with enormous impact, members of the Technology Delivery Management cluster enjoy the benefits generally available to Home Office staff and members of the Digital, Data and Technology Profession.

In addition, they have access to a vibrant community of practice, where they can share and access learning with peers and colleagues.

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