Michael - Home Office Careers

I joined the Home Office as an Asylum Decision Maker in 2018, having previously spent my career in the private sector.

My role involves interviewing asylum seekers and making a decision on their claims, using all of the evidence and policy information available. The role itself is varied. In addition to interviewing and making decisions, I could potentially identify a victim of modern slavery or human trafficking and making referrals to the necessary departments. 

The role also involves a great deal of collaboration with other decision makers, technical specialists, admin colleagues, legal representatives, other government departments and external agencies. All of this is important in making the right decisions. 

We are also given 5 development days a year, which we can use to shadow other business units, attend courts to watch Asylum Decision Appeals or listen to speakers from external agencies. This all adds to our knowledge of the bigger picture of the Asylum process and how our decisions feeds into that.

I work with a very diverse group of colleagues; equality, diversity and inclusion are celebrated within the department. We are encouraged to share our knowledge and experiences, and to take part in social groups and events such as wellbeing teams, including national and local groups.

I have found great job satisfaction working in the Operational Delivery profession at the Home Office. As challenging as the role is, I have found the job to be really rewarding: how many people can say that they are able to grant international protection to those in need on a regular basis?