Sarah - Immigration Enforcement - Home Office Careers

I’m an Immigration Officer in the National Asylum Intake Unit, working on the response to small boats. This is a fascinating and important place to work, and I love my role for many reasons.

The first is that the role is essential for those who need protection. Some of the experiences of those claiming asylum, including those with small children, are heart-breaking. It’s important to me that I treat them with dignity and help them feel safe, but also that I can make referrals, so they are supported through the asylum system. My role allows me to be compassionate and kind and I value that. Knowing that I have helped a victim of trafficking is important to me.

The second is that the range of identify checks we complete to identify those with known immigration or criminal histories means I can refer people to the appropriate law enforcement colleagues to take action where necessary. In doing this I know I am playing an essential part in the national security of the UK.

My work is incredibly varied. Not only because of the nature of the role, but with new laws and policies coming into effect I am continually learning new things. All of this helps me build up my experience. The nature of our work means I know I will get opportunities to develop in this role. Building my skills and experience will also benefit me in seeking to progress to higher levels in the Civil Service.

And finally, the people. Not only those who arrive on the small boats, but my team. We are a busy operational team with a really close-knit and respectful feel. This also applies to the wider teams we work with.

There is also shift working, which I enjoy as well as the job security that the Civil Service affords. I would definitely recommend applying for this role!