Glen - Home Office Careers

I had retired after a long career working in project management in the private sector. However, I quickly realised that I needed work to keep me sane and wanted a role where I would still be able to interact with people on a regular basis.

So, four years ago, I joined the Home Office via an agency as a temp, as I thought it would provide me with the work/life balance I was looking for. I became a permanent Home Office employee earlier this year.

My work has a high level of focus on customer service, which draws on my past experience of working closely with colleagues and customers alike. With a wide range of processes to learn and an opportunity to use my brain on some more complex cases there is plenty of room for self-development and learning.

I am proud to work in an organisation that promotes diversity and inclusion and offers so much support to its people in so many ways. There is so much flexibility at the Home Office. There is also a huge variety of roles in so many parts of the organisation, and these enable people to work in collaborative teams providing services to the public. 

I would say that there is something for everyone at the Home Office if they are looking for a sound employer and a wealth of opportunities.