Fionna - Home Office Careers

Although I worked in the education sector for more than 25 years, I had previously had a temporary job with His Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) and the positive experiences from that role stayed with me. When I decided to move on from education, I discovered HMPO were recruiting and had no hesitation in applying. I have been a full-time member of HMPO for nearly 6 months now.

My day-to-day work is both varied and interesting. I have been working with colleagues across different parts of the organisation, which has given me a strong foundation for the rest of my career. Everyone I have met has been willing to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with new employees, making us feel not only welcome but supported. I really enjoy building working relationships and learning from other members of staff, so this role has been really great for me.

There are many benefits to being in the Home Office, but for me one of the best is the training and support available, which is far superior to any other organisation I have worked in. This is a great reassurance for someone like me who is taking on a new career later in life. There are also lots of opportunities to progress in your career and move to different parts of the Home Office, as well as flexible working which allows me to balance my work and home responsibilities.

My advice to anyone considering a career in the Home Office is 100% go for it. I have actually encouraged my 22-year-old daughter who has just finished university to join the department. She has applied and is awaiting the outcome. 

The Home Office is a very inclusive workplace, which puts its staff and customers at the heart of everything it does. It also provides wonderful opportunities for all ages and allows people to build a very fulfilling and successful career.