Curtis - Home Office Careers

As a Technology Delivery Manager in the Home Office, I’m responsible for delivering change programmes that contribute to the protection and safeguarding of our society. I am currently leading the development of an infrastructure platform that is of strategic importance to the Home Office and will service National Critical Applications that are developed and managed by colleagues within the organisation.

The scale of work is extensive, unique, and very interesting. The services we deliver and manage contribute directly to policing and other law enforcement or safeguarding agencies. As you can imagine, there is a lot of pride within the organisation for the contribution that we make to keeping the country and its citizens safe and secure.

My typical day generally involves a number of meetings. These include 1-2-1 meetings with members of my team, general project and programme level discussions to solve challenging problems or presenting programme board updates on delivery status. I work with a large and diverse stakeholder landscape, ranging from talented technologists to finance, commercial or business subject matter experts; and not forgetting the many unique and interesting customers from the law enforcement community.

My journey to get to this stage didn’t follow an obvious path. I grew up in Southern Africa and came to the UK in the mid-90s when I was 14. I graduated from university with a technology degree, but I didn’t really look at the Home Office as a place for me to work. This was probably because I hadn’t really considered the scope and scale of work available for people with my skillset.

However, since joining the Home Office as a Technology Delivery Manager 3 years ago, I have found the organisation to be one of the best I have worked for. In addition to the interesting but challenging work, there are a huge amount of development opportunities, either through formal courses or informal on the job training. Since joining the Home Office I have already achieved one promotion and I hope to achieve more.