Simon - Home Office Careers

My name is Simon, and I work as a Senior Technology Delivery Manager in the Home Office. I’ve been working in the department for over 10 months, and I can confidently say the transition from working in the Army for 24 years to becoming a Civil Servant couldn’t have been smoother. I want to tell you a bit about my journey and my experience working here.  

I served the British Army as a Senior Logistic Manager. I was promoted through all the soldier ranks from Private to Warrant Office Class 1. When I left the Army in February 2022, my original plan was to join a large multinational tech and retail company as a Logistic Manager. I passed all the interviews to join that organisation through the Military Recruitment Scheme, but I continued searching for other opportunities as I was not completely sure what career path to choose. I was pointed in the direction of a job opportunity at the Home Office within Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) Collaboration Engineering as a Senior Technology Delivery Manager.  

I was faced with two options: the multinational company in the Private sector or the Home Office in the Public sector. Both roles were very appealing and in the level I wanted. In the end, I chose to join the Home Office because it offered more job security, one of the best pension schemes available and the flexibility that would provide me with an excellent work/ life balance. There are many other great benefits offered by the Home Office, such as career progression through the different levels and the camaraderie, much like the Army. I really do love working here!  

My day-to-day activities consist of managing 5 delivery teams, which look after the Products for Microsoft Office including Teams, Share Point and Email. It’s a challenging role, but I work with great people who offer support. What I enjoy most about my role is seeing the Products being rolled out, which then help all IT users across the Home Office, some 45,000 members of staff. I also enjoy knowing that my team is happy and eager to come to work in every day.  

I encourage you to apply for a role at the Home Office if you are leaving the Military and you want a similar organisation to what you’re used to and a smooth transition into a new career. Go for it!