Stuart - Home Office Careers

Although it was over 20 years ago, I can still remember the feeling of joining a huge government department that provides services for every UK citizen and many more besides. Doing something good. And from a personal perspective, that massive range of services was attractive as I thought there’d be opportunities to develop – and I was right!

My day-to-day work is really fulfilling. I help look after the Digital Data and Technology (DDaT) Profession and the people within it so they can do their best work.  We want them to stay and develop and then to attract even more brilliant people to join them, across the UK.  

The people here are awesome. Committed folk who want to do the best for the public and also the people they work with, whether in my own area or different parts of the department – there’s a golden thread of wanting to do good things.

I was working in a call centre when the advert for an Executive Officer position in Asylum casework came up. My Dad had been in the Civil Service, so he put me on to it if I remember rightly, as I was a bit downhearted and really questioning “what’s next?”. It fitted me perfectly and with the promise of excellent continuous professional development (CPD) I was hooked.  And I’ve been able to be based in the North throughout my career which was really important to me.

For me, one of the main benefits of being in the Home Office is that commitment to CPD.  I’m currently studying for a master’s level HR qualification and loving it, so I benefit personally.  I also work in a team that provides CPD opportunities and resources for our professionals that we think are industry leading, so it feels good that I can help others too. Another benefit is the focus on wellbeing which is outstanding – especially throughout the pandemic.  We treat our people as adults, with a respect and a flexibility I’ve really appreciated.  Broader than that though there’s a desire to establish and maintain a healthy work/life balance that really resonates with me.

If you are considering a career in the Home Office I would say “Do it”. You won’t regret it – deliver good things with good people.