Shaun - Home Office Careers

Before joining Border Force, I had worked in a number of different office-based and customer-facing roles, and I found that I much preferred working with customers rather than simply a 9 to 5 job. I also worked briefly in another part of the Home Office where I found out about Border Force and how interesting the roles seemed. I have now been a Border Force Officer for 15 months.

The day-to-day work can be varied, from processing passengers as they arrive at the border to investigating individual cases particular n the Passport Control Point (PCP), running a case and conducting baggage searches. During my time here I have been trained in Behavioural Detection and Forgery and as an Operation Trainer, so I also spend some of my time on these roles.   

What I enjoy most about Border Force is leaving work knowing I have played my part in keeping the borders safe. There is also a great work ethic among staff, and the teams are really diverse and friendly. You can always find someone to help if you get stuck with something. There are also loads of opportunities for progression, which means you can really create a career here.

So, if you are looking for a challenging but exciting opportunity and you are confident in speaking to customers face-to-face then you should definitely apply.