Lucy - Home Office Careers

After studying History at university, I knew that my strengths were my analytical and written skills. I wanted a job where I could make a difference and serve the public.

I joined the Home Office in October 2018 and have had a number of different roles since then, during which I was able to hone my skills. I have now been a member of the Civil Penalty Compliance caseworking team for just over 6 months and I look forward to continuing to expand my immigration knowledge further.

As a caseworker my day-to-day work consists of analysing the evidence we receive and making informed decisions by following relevant policies, procedures and legislation. I am required to liaise with fellow colleagues, such as Immigration Compliance and Enforcement officers and local councils in order to make an informed, accurate and fair decision on a case-by-case basis.

What I enjoy most about working for the Home Office is that it creates a working environment where you feel your opinion is valued. There are also opportunities for progression and development and the managers here all encourage you to push yourself.

The Home Office is a great place to work as it is inclusive and your wellbeing is always considered. You receive support in your role and advice and guidance when thinking of career progression.