Katherine - Home Office Careers

I remember watching Border Force Officers on TV when I was younger and always thought that this seemed like an interesting job.

After leaving college I discovered the Border Force Apprentice scheme and sent off an application. The process took a few months, but I gained a place and started last August.

Since I joined – and I know it’s a cliché – but no two days have been the same! I started out dealing with goods entering and leaving the country from all over the world. I then moved onto checking the trailers and containers coming off the boats here, seeing what’s inside and ensuring that everything is as it should be. I really enjoy this part of the job.

I also like dealing with the public and so the opportunity to chat to drivers coming in on the early boats is great; I enjoy finding out where they have come from and if they have been through the port before.

It’s great being able to shadow colleagues who have been in Border Force for a long time and have many years’ experience. There is so much to learn and there are endless opportunities to build your experiences including a wide range of training courses.

There are other benefits of being in Border Force, including a generous pension, which is set up when you start the job, but the main thing for me is being part of a team who are dedicated to protecting the border 24/7.

I would highly recommend a career in Border Force. I have only been here 9 months, and the range of opportunities and knowledge I have gained in that time has been amazing. So, if you like being active and learning new things every day then why not consider applying?