Ian - Home Office Careers

Before joining the public sector, I mostly worked in contact centres. I entered the public sector as an Information Officer at Business Link South Yorkshire, an organisation supporting local businesses and the self-employed. From there I progressed to leading on digital communications at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

I gained experience working in a range of Government Communications Service roles across digital, content and marketing. These roles were underpinned by Delivery skills including planning, stakeholder management and influencing.

This enabled me to work in a range of continuous improvement roles, leading to me becoming part of a wider cross-government automation community. I decided to apply for my current role because I was interested in working in a large operational delivery-focussed organisation. I enjoy the people, the opportunities and the chance to deliver brilliant outcomes for our customers.

I find my role exciting because no two days are the same. I lead a large team, and we are starting to scale our delivery function. This means that my time is split between working with our key stakeholders, governance boards and working with my team to support them with all the challenges that come with delivery at pace.

What I enjoy most about my role is seeing the brilliant outcomes that my team delivers each week. This ranges between small projects that make an impact on a local level to large transformation projects that make a huge impact in the country. Everything we do is focussed on improving the customer and colleague experience. Seeing that impact is really inspiring.

Another thing I value about my role and working in the Home Office is the scale of the opportunity as we become an increasingly digital organisation, as well as the ability to work, meet and be inspired by a diverse community working across a wider range of important policy areas.

Do you want to work in Delivery Management in government? There’s no better place than in the Home Office. The access to support, talented people and interesting problems to solve is vast.

I would highly recommend working at the Home Office as a Lead Technology Delivery Manager. If you’re interested, you could reach out to one of our lead recruiters to understand what the role involves and learn more about the application and interview process.