Gabriella - Home Office Careers

I joined the Home Office for my government communications apprenticeship placement because I wanted to combine my affinities for writing and central government. I felt this route would offer a unique and remarkable exposure to working in the heart of public life, and I am so thankful this is the route I took!

I have been here for three years now, all of which have been incredibly rewarding.

Day to day work is collaborative and challenging in its complexity and scale and I enjoy learning from the expertise of my team members. The team regularly works with other government departments, stakeholders and colleagues across the department to build in aspects of insight, policy, marketing and media into our communications strategies for delivering external campaigns.  

On a practical level, the most exciting aspect of my role is in building relationships with others and in being part of decision-making to drive significant campaigns. I have also found it uniquely meaningful to take up leadership roles for diversity programmes which create far-reaching positive impacts for others.  

This department is a place full of dedicated professionals who care profoundly about their work and understand how it directly benefits society. There are many opportunities for you to challenge yourself and recognise your potential and, with the Home Office having such a vast remit, the role is always uniquely exciting and fulfilling.  

To anyone considering a career in the Home Office, I would say your perspective would be incredibly valued and appreciated, working in any directorate. There are rare opportunities for professional, and equally important, personal development and like me, you can learn a lot about yourself and what you are capable of in the process – no matter which level you are working at, or which stage in your career – this will likely surprise you.