Emma - Home Office Careers

I am part of the Voluntary Returns Service (VRS) within Immigration Enforcement.  VRS provides assistance to people who have no legal basis to remain and wish to depart the UK.

My current role is very flexible, and I’m able to work from home some of the time. This works well for me having two young children. The days I work from home, I can walk the children and my dog, Louie, to the school, which they love.

After leaving college, I joined the Home Office as an administrator. I was keen to learn and excited to work for the government. I’ve been here 19 years now and have worked in various roles in Immigration Enforcement. I’ve learned new skills and built up my confidence to help get me where I am today.

Working at the Home Office, I’ve enjoyed moving around and taking advantage of all the opportunities on offer. I’ve been supported with studying, been able to develop my skills and I’ve made some lifelong friends.