Charlotte - Home Office Careers

I began learning the basics of web development in my spare time whilst working in other jobs and soon discovered this was something I really enjoyed. A friend shared a job opportunity at the Home Office which sounded ideal for someone like me who was starting a new career in engineering. It was also an opportunity to do meaningful work that really makes a difference, which is something I was very interested in.

My working day can vary from creating new features using modern technology tools, fixing bugs to improve a service, or creating prototypes. I have recently started working within the National Law Enforcement Data Programme building a replacement for the Police National Computer.

Working at the Home Office has given me a well-rounded view of all aspects of software engineering, from containerisation to Agile principles. There have been so many opportunities to bridge gaps in my knowledge and the training opportunities have been fantastic. Plus, the level of support and encouragement I have received throughout my time here has really helped increase my confidence as a junior software engineer.

I can’t imagine a better opportunity out there in software engineering; the variety of projects to be involved in, the support on offer, plus working on products and services that really matter to the safety and security of UK citizens. Not to mention, they offer one of the highest starting salaries across the market for junior developers.