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I studied law throughout school and college, with a particular focus on Immigration Law, so wanted to work in an area where I could use this. I also recall seeing the TV shows from the UK, USA and Australia, which made me think that Border Force could be a place where I might be able to bring my skills together to do this.

I had worked with law firms, to local authorities and Citizens Advice but I wanted something that was more action-orientated and less office-based. I wanted a role where my involvement meant something more and I could make a difference. Border Force has certainly allowed me to do that.

Although working for Border Force can be challenging at times, it’s a challenge that I thrive on. I work at one of the busiest airports in the UK, which means I speak to a wide range of passengers from across the world. They can be tourists, people starting new jobs or visiting their families, students or even international sports stars. It’s down to me to find out why these passengers are coming to the UK and decide whether or not they are eligible to do so.

There is a lot of training on offer that helps with this, along with lots of supportive colleagues. I also find that my language skills are really useful when dealing with passengers who struggled to communicate in English. The vast majority of passengers are genuine, but I regularly come across individuals who are attempting to use deception or fake documents to get into the country.  

There are many benefits to being in Border Force, but the ones I appreciate most are the fact that it’s an environment with flexible working options and the culture encourages inclusion and diversity.

So, if you want a role, where you can make your own decisions, work in team, and make a real difference, then Border Force is the right place to kickstart your career.