Anastasia - Home Office Careers

I joined the Civil Service a few months after leaving University. I’d taken some time to reflect on my values and what drives me, and I knew I wanted a role where I could help people and serve a purpose in society. Whilst working at the Department of Work and Pensions I was introduced to the concept of agile and project delivery, which led to my interest in the DDaT profession. I was able to apply some of the methodologies I had learned to the smaller projects I was working on and began broadening my skillset.

I am currently a Business Analyst within a multidisciplinary agile team delivering a digital service. A typical day begins with a ‘stand-up’ meeting, which is an opportunity to share your focus for the day and hear what your colleagues are working on. Colleagues share relevant news and raise any potential blockers or challenges to the project for the team to discuss.

I may also meet with the Product Owners and read documentation to gather requirements for the particular business area I am investigating. I then map out the requirements and begin breaking these down into user stories. We have regular peer review meetings which provide an opportunity for me to share the user stories and acceptance criteria I have written for the area of the system I’m responsible for.

I have a lot of hobbies, so a good work/life balance is really important to me, and my experience so far in the Civil Service has provided that.

My advice to anyone who is unsure about joining is to take some time to think about your natural strengths and how these can be transferred to different roles. Part-time jobs and your experiences at University may provide you with the skills you need for Civil Service roles.

Also take time to reflect on what matters to you and what engages you. Taking a wider look may help in assessing a potential path or area of interest. The Home Office and the wider Civil Service have a variety of roles and professions requiring an array of different skill sets, working on projects, services or operations that are engaging and fulfilling.