Amelia - BF Apprentice - Home Office Careers

I joined Border Force because I wanted a career where I would be able to make a difference and work with the public. When I started reading about Border Force, I quickly decided that I was going to try and get the job. I completed the online numeracy and literacy tests and completed the personal statement. I was successful and went for my interview, which was such an overwhelming feeling. Two days later I was placed on the reserve list for 12 months, and 8 months later I was offered a position and started my career. I have now worked in Border Force for two years.

My work varies from day to day, with a range of tasks that require both problem-solving and teamwork. During my shift I intercept inbound passengers and freight to identify any threat that may be entering the UK. For me, the most enjoyable part of the job is working with my team. There are also lots of training courses on offer, including searching freight and pleasure craft, sea survival, firearms and personal safety training. I really enjoy boarding boats and working in an airport as it is both an opportunity to experience something new and something out of my comfort zone.

I have found that in Border Force you are treated well, supported by all staff and are mentored by highly experienced Officers. They are there to ensure that you are competent and confident before working on the front line. Another benefit of working in Border Force is that it is a secure job with a great salary and pension scheme. I also really like the shift work as it gives me flexibility during the week. 

If you were considering a career in Border Force I would say “Don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it!”