Sabita - Home Office Careers

I joined the Home Office because I wanted to help prevent criminal activity and play an active role in safeguarding and protecting members of the public. I spent 18 years as a frontline Border Force Officer based at Heathrow Airport where I specialised in delivering training to identify potential and vulnerable victims of trafficking and modern slavery. I moved to the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) team, as I would be able to bring a lot of my Border Force experiences into policy making.

For me, every day is a ‘school day’ where I can learn something new. Given the heightened media and ministerial interest in VAWG, my work can involve anything from attending senior cross-Government meetings and writing ministerial briefings through to processing grants for funding commitments made in the recently published VAWG Strategy.

What I enjoy most about the job is the fact that I am making a personal contribution to tackling VAWG crimes, including domestic abuse, sexual violence and so-called ‘Honour’ based abuse, while protecting the vulnerable and supporting victims and survivors of these offences. It is also about knowing that I am helping make a difference in people’s lives today and for future generations.   

Work in the Home Office is challenging, high profile and rewarding. You have the opportunity to work in a wide range of teams, delivering in priority policy areas committed to protecting and representing a modern Britain. At the same time the experience and knowledge acquired during a career in the Home Office is invaluable for a career within the Civil Service and outside.