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Are you ready for a new career where you’ll be part of a brilliant team doing important work? Border Force is recruiting Officers and Apprentices to join our teams around the country. Salaries start from £24,800 for apprentices and £28,000 for Officers, with an additional shift allowances of up to £14,000 per annum depending on role and location. 

As well as full-time roles, we have part-time and alternative working pattern options available. Full details of all roles can be found on our microsite.

Border Force is the part of the Home Office responsible for securing the UK border 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by enforcing immigration and customs regulations. 

Around 10,000 people work in Border Force, with the majority working in frontline roles in airports and seaports across the UK and overseas. Some officers will work at only one location, while others are mobile, working across a number of ports or other locations in a region. 

We check all passengers and freight arriving in the UK by air and sea and conduct intelligence-led searches for prohibited, counterfeit or restricted goods such as drugs, firearms, weapons, cash, tobacco and alcohol.  

We also support the wider Home Office agenda in high-profile areas such as counter terrorism, tackling organised crime, modern slavery and human trafficking. This is some of the most important and challenging work in Government and its impact can be felt in communities across the UK. 

Benefits and Training

  • Starting salary of £24,800 (Apprentices)-£28,000 (Officers) 
  • Flexible work (part-time options) in a diverse organisation   
  • An annual allowance of up to £14,000 per annum. This is paid to compensate for the requirement for flexibility around the notice, duration and timing of shifts, although that requirement, and therefore the allowance, varies depending on role and location. See individual adverts for the details for each role. 
  • A secure career   
  • An employer pension contribution averaging 27%
  • Excellent training and development starting in the classroom and then continuing on the job with a mentor who helps you until you are fully confident in the role.  
  • You’ll work as part of a team where there is always someone around for advice and support.

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Find out more and apply on our role microsite.

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