Sara - Home Office Careers

I joined the Home Office in March 2017 so am coming up to four and a half years. Time flies when you’re having fun…!

Originally, I joined as a contractor on a temporary basis, but I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of work I was involved in and have since become a permanent civil servant. The Home Office is a unique department with a lot of different opportunities for growth and development which has been a key motivator for me.

My day-to-day work varies depending on the projects I am working on and my responsibilities as a line manager. Typically, I will make a to-do list for myself in the morning and make sure I know what meetings I have coming up in the day (if its on a Monday – I look at the whole week). I like to also plan out priority tasks and block out dedicated time in my diary for that day to make sure I get the to-do list done.

I particularly enjoy working with the people on a daily basis, whether in the Home Office or other departments, and the sense of achievement you get from working across such a diverse range of tasks.

I think one of the biggest benefits offered by the Home Office is the flexibility, be that a good work/life balance or the flexibility and autonomy in shaping and delivering meaningful work.

The Home Office also offers a wide range of opportunities, from Borders and Policing to Counter-Terrorism and Finance. I was once told that you can be in the Home Office for your whole career and still not be bored of doing the same thing because there is so much diversity in what the department deals with.