Rosie - Home Office Careers

I joined the department from the Department for Education in 2019 to continue my career in Physical Security.

I really enjoy working with people and developing relationships to the point that they trust me and know my team is here to help them improve and standardise their security. I also enjoy site visits where you can demonstrate how little tweaks to a site can greatly improve the physical security everyone who works there. Each site is so different, so no two visits are ever the same.

For me, one of the main benefits of working in the Home Office is the flexible working hours available as it means all staff have access to a good work/life balance that suits them as well as the business. The wages are good and there is always a development plan for new starters to ensure they reach their full potential with a routeway for staff who wish to progress.

The support to all staff during the COVID pandemic has been another benefit. We had many team meetings to ensure we kept the work routine going and got the support we needed as at times it was tough not seeing your work colleagues. Our Line Managers ensured we had regular meeting and events like quizzes after work to keep spirits high to keep the team in that inclusive environment.

If you are considering a career in the Home Office, I would say try it; you will be pleasantly surprised. The department has a wide variety of roles so there will be something you can apply for and get the job satisfaction you want whilst achieving results.