Jo - Home Office Careers

I have been in the department for eleven years now, I joined because the Home Office offered me the chance to use the skills and qualifications I had developed in new and interesting ways.

I currently have a large team who manage many different aspects of Knowledge and Information Management (KIM), so much of my day to day work these lies in managing people rather than information. However, I do have opportunities to lead projects in new and emerging aspects of the KIM Profession and to work with colleagues across the department and beyond.

The Home Office is a huge department covering many different and vital services. It is also one of the oldest Departments of State and over its life has had responsibility for most of the things that government do, aside from foreign relations. As a KIM Professional this vast wealth of history and records are fascinating. The Home Office is also investing heavily in technology which lets those of us working there get involved in shaping how they will be used to manage the information lifecycle in the future, from creation to destruction or transfer to the National Archives and all points between.

Working in the Home Office is never dull. We are always in the news and facing new challenges. This is something that comes with dealing with some of the issues of the greatest importance to citizens: counter terrorism, law and order, and immigration to name just a few. If you really want to make an impact on the future of the country, this is the department to join.