Fahad - Home Office Careers

I joined the Home Office 7 years ago. I wanted to join because of the department’s diversity, commitment to inclusivity and forward-thinking culture, and also the fact that it would be a rewarding career.   

I must say I never imagined I would find myself working with powerful datasets and tools as a Data Analyst. I had always liked the idea of being a scientist and I suppose that my day-to-day tasks of researching, exploring and testing hypotheses using data means that has pretty much come true.

I initially joined the Home Office as a Passport Examiner/Caseworker, but I wanted to follow a different path and before long I was working in a different team as a Support Analyst. This was a real career changing moment for me as I learned a lot more about IT, associated professions and development opportunities within the organisation. I formally joined the Data Analyst profession in 2020.

Not having any pre-knowledge about analytics, I was supported through my initial learning curve. I learned at a pace that ensured I had time to absorb these new skills. Two years later, I now work as a Senior Data Analyst, thanks to the opportunities and support made available to me. A typical day is comprised of exploring new data or requirements, collecting, cleansing and analysing data, collaborating with colleagues or translating analysis into reports, insights and dashboards.

What I enjoy most about the job is seeing the powerful impact data can have on people and processes, as well as on the department.

The Home Office has lots of exciting and rewarding opportunities as well as a commitment to learning and development. If you join, you’ll find a diverse bunch of colleagues and a great atmosphere. Basically, this is a place for you to have a career, not just a job.