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Members of the Cyber Security cluster work with other parts of the Home Office to secure the systems and environments we rely on to achieve our objectives. Many of our teams come together to provide the rest of the department with a single, dedicated function to oversee, govern and assure information and cyber security within the Home Office.

Our cluster works to:

  • Drive consistency and standardisation by setting policy and standards for the management, assurance and governance of cyber security risk
  • Advise and support teams across the department in the secure design, development and operation of systems
  • Provide governance and reporting mechanisms for risk owners to identify, escalate and seek support in managing their cyber security risks
  • Undertake assurance of new products, systems and services and work with the business to bring risks in line with risk appetite.

To fully understand the cyber risks facing us, we work in close partnership with teams across the Home Office. All functions, particularly those procuring, developing or operating IT systems that process Home Office data, need to work with different members of the cluster to understand their cyber risks and to consider how those risks should be managed.

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What you could be doing

There are a number of different roles available in the cyber security cluster. These include:

  • Cyber Security Operations Centre
    This is a critical operations function that aims to protect the Home Office estate from security threats and cyber-attacks. Our team of Security Analysts work 24/7 and 365 days a year to mitigate security risks and respond to security incidents as and when they occur.
  • Cyber Security Assurance Service
    This service works to support effective security within the department by ensuring that appropriate controls are built into new systems and operating effectively with those in service. 
  • Information Security Products
    The teams are responsible for ensuring that the capability of security tooling deployed within the Home Office is fit for purpose and delivering appropriate actionable intelligence thereby reducing the Home Office risk profile.
  • Cyber Security Audit
    The auditors help to ensure that Home Office systems are protected from cyber-attack by providing independent assessment on whether cyber security control objectives are being met within the organisation.     
  • Corporate Risk Management
    This team is responsible for producing and revising the corporate risk picture and ensuring that management information is produced efficiently and accurately.
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The benefits of working in Cyber Security Cluster in the Home Office

As well as the opportunity to work on different scale projects and with enormous impact, members of the Cyber Security cluster have access to the benefits generally available to Home Office staff and members of the Digital, Data and Technology Profession.

We also have a dedicated cyber security community in the Home Office and across wider government, and our specialist professions team works to develop our profession.

We are a new cluster and are growing our training hub as well as introducing the Government Online Skills Tool (GOST) to support learning and development. We want to develop our people both through social learning as well as formal learning and will be running ‘sharing new and acquired knowledge’ (SNAK) sessions, peer learning forums and mentoring including the government security mentoring platform. We want to promote communities of interest such as the cross government cyber forum, security monitoring working group, senior security advisor (SSA) network.

We also recognise that it is important to encourage members to be part of industry recognised forums such as BCS chartered institute for IT, eCrime Congress, Garner Security and Risk Management summit. We are also committed to investing in ‘growing our own’ talent through apprenticeship schemes.


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