Nayyab - Home Office Careers

Before joining the Home Office, I was a Research Associate in Smart Mobile Cloud Computing. I worked with peers specialising in machine learning to design AI-based models to target smart context-aware environments.

I was looking for an impactful, challenging role where I could make use of my existing skillset. I knew that the public sector could be a place where my contribution would make a difference. So here I am!

I am currently a Senior Developer working on the design and development of international law enforcement API services using JAVA Boot microservices architecture and REACT JS UI Design.

Digital Data and Technology is a flexible and inclusive team where we focus on attaining digitised and automated solutions and promote the use of science, evidence and innovation as a priority. Our strategy is to modernise and converge our solutions, reducing our reliance on external suppliers and legacy software systems. By doing this, we are saving taxpayers money.

My day-to-day job involves designing and developing systems intended to cut crime and reduce the threat from terrorism. I believe that every single effort helps to achieve this purpose.

As a woman in tech with two young children, I know how important it is to learn from those that went before me. Sharing my knowledge and encouraging women and girls to have the confidence and knowledge to enter a career in tech is something I champion through mentoring students and colleagues. I was actually employed by the Home Office while pregnant and went on maternity leave during my probation. I was well supported by my manager and team on my return, who considered my wellbeing and professional growth.

The new challenges I encounter through my work keep my problem-solving and inquisitive nature satisfied! And knowing I am making a difference, working on systems that touch the lives of millions of citizens every day and helping to keep the UK safe is rewarding.

If you are looking for an organisation that is ambitious and understands user need, as well as a team that prioritises your career progression to help you reach your full potential, then the Home Office is the place for you!