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Senior Civil Service

Members of the Senior Civil Service (SCS) are senior leaders in the Home Office. They set the strategic direction of the department, develop new policy and manage operational responses to help us deliver our mission to build a safe, fair and prosperous UK.

As well as overseeing our important work, these leaders play an essential role in steering culture change within the organisation. This change is underpinned by our values, which are to be respectful, compassionate, courageous and collaborative.

Working as a senior leader in the Home Office brings heavy responsibilities. But it also offers the great privilege of leading and supporting our fantastic colleagues as we work together on the issues that really matter to ministers and the public.

Applying for Senior Civil Service vacancies

Your initial application

We advertise all our current vacancies, including Senior Civil Service Vacancies, on the Civil Service Jobs website

Each advert and the accompanying candidate pack provide detailed information about the specific role, the selection process, and the essential and desirable criteria we’re seeking.

Our roles predominately require candidates to submit a CV and a statement of suitability – both should be aligned specifically to the essential criteria and to the role being applied for.

Once the vacancy closing deadline has passed, the SCS team review all applications ahead of the panel, who then re-review and create a shortlist.

Shortlisted applications

Shortlisted applicants can be asked to undertake an Individual Leadership Assessment (lLA). These are a series of psychometric tests which can also include verbal and numerical assessments.

Depending on the nature of the role, candidates may also be asked to conduct a Staff Engagement Exercise (SEE), where they will be asked to present in front of key stakeholders.

The ILA and SEE are scored and passed to the panel ahead of the interviews. These reports are also made available to candidates so they can see how they performed.


We’ll hold either a virtual or face-to-face panel interview, conducted by a minimum of three panel members and lasting up to 45 minutes. The interview will consist of a presentation from the applicant, who will then answer multiple questions from the panel relating to the role and essential criteria.  

However a candidate performs at interview for SCS roles, we’ll always provide them with comprehensive feedback.